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Monday, April 25, 2011

7 years and counting!

Young love...high school sweet hearts...friends since gradeschool....all of those are true. I happily celebrated 7 years of marriage this past weekend and it was great! WE MADE IT:) Maybe because we married so young and the chances were stacked against us.... I shout about this. My blessed marriage is nothing I ever take credit for. It is something that only God himself could make work. I remember crying in the car one day to God saying there is no way I can do this... I am incapable. I cannot trust myself..let alone trust someone else( I was newly coming back to him) He simply told trust him. It was that still small voice that I have learned to lean on since then. I have learned that my husband WILL let me down, I WILL let him down, I WILL fail...people I love will FAIL....people I TRUST will let me down....but there is a God who will never let me down and who I can ALWAYS trust. So I take each day and know that my marriage is in his hands and as long as Kraiger and I strive to live each day walking with God we know that he will do the rest.  Everyone talks about the 7 year itch....I can truly say...the best is yet to come! Here are a few pics of our Anniversary getaway!
 We were riding our bikes through the dunes and popped out to this beautiful inlet of water!

 Front view of the cottage

 Cutest bakery!
 Our room was so cute and relaxing!

You know how some people say that they were made for each other? Excuse my sappiness when I say how true this is. Marriage is a a lot of does not come free it does not come easy. But it is worth every minute!


  1. One of my favorite areas in the world. Hmmm...should have bought one of those vacation deals for us...

  2. How fun! Happy Anniversary. Love you both dearly!

  3. THanks Kaylee...and Yes Eli I believe it will be our new favorite place too. Gearheart is like this secret town nobody knows about! It was so small and quiet...and absolutely gorgeous, we are watching for more of those deals so we can take the girls!