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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

 Mother's Day Hugs!
 Loves from my favorite little girls!
 The girls with their cousin Annabelle! We got to go to Yakima last minute and they loved every minute of their Annabelle time!!
 I have a feeling pictures like these will be shown at their future graduations/weddings!
 Sunday breakfast! The girls made berry crepes for me and were loving the mess!!
 Aren't they delicious looking!
 Whip cream=best part to a 3 year old
 That smile melts me
I am so blessed!! I was raised by a mom that truly dug her heels in when times got rough. When most would have thrown in the towel and went an easier way...she knelt in prayer and fought! I am amazed at who she is!! Then there is my mother in law...who is my second mother! I am blessed with 2 amazing women in my life. The things my mother in law has taught me are things I will never thankful for both women in my life! I look at my little girls, and it is not just me who has raised them but also those 2 women who I call on a daily basis saying HELP! Being a mom is no one man show! Weather you are single, or married there is always someone you look up to that in part deserves a little credit right? God has been there for me as well...but he put those audible voices here on earth to help me out!
I am anxious for this week to start! I have a few sewing projects lined up( pics to come) and I have a few trips I will be taking Dana on for school! It will be a fun and busy week! I will also share my meal plan for the month, I have had a few people ask me about that. I would love if other ladies would join in on it, sometimes the same meals get old, so it is nice to swap ideas!! HINT HINT
I go to bed today feeling so blessed! I woke up and read Proverbs 31 feeling quite motivated as my role as a wife and mother, and then I go to church and was even more encouraged, I come home and read blog after blog of many outstanding women that choose their "career" to be one of raising their family. What would I do without my circle of friends that encourage me! I hope your week is awesome and yet challenging...we all need that helps me grow anyways:)

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