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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reading Above Your Child's Level

            I have been enjoying this stage of life when both my daughters can read. I think I have counted down the days until they were old enough to start enjoying some of my favorite classics. When Dana was young, I was so anxious for her to enjoy good rich literature that I began to just read it to her myself. I noticed that if I made her sit and listen she would wander off. If I gave her an activity and read only a short while maybe 20 minutes or so...she retained! She would make me pause to answer questions and such. Her vocabulary has always been high and I give much credit to the years of reading heavy literature to her before she could read.

        Ava was a little later than Dana with her reading journey, and quite frankly was so frustrated because I could not always sit down and read to her. I read to them each day; or I try. It wasn't quite enough. So thankfully we started to find audio books. I bought them a subscription to Adventures In Odyssey Club which is very inexpensive each month and they listen away! We also bought a cd player...would you believe they are hard to find. Who feels old now!? Getting audio cd's at the library is easy and free.

            I also buy classics that I know we will all enjoy off of iTunes and put it on their iPods. I got so tickled pink today when Ava asked for some hot chocolate and turned on "Anne Of Avonlea". It was my love language poured into a cup. Books and warm drinks...heaven.
Ava's little iPhone and my cup of love. Day made

            I encourage any parent that feels their child just doesn't love to read to take it up a notch and get them audio books that are above their level. I find children get so frustrated at reading "see dog go fast" and other short sentences. You may think they hate reading but that is not the case, they are just bored.
         My almost 3 year old sits and listens as I do our read aloud each day and he comments! I'd say 3 is when I notice they can sit through a read aloud. I try and read very dramatic and it reals in those busy boys. Even the baby lingers near.

          Do not go over board or your child will be onto you so fast..but ask them a few questions after you've read for a bit. It keeps them engaged and dialoguing is a great way to learn. Just as learning to run a mile, work up to it  I must include this quote I read today. It is absolutely true.

"Self education is achieved by a regular and steady diet of the best books combined with the use of narration to develop retention and understanding of what is read. This approach maintains the students' interest and helps them develop the habit of attention as well as literary style, a readiness in speaking, a wide vocabulary, and a love of books.- A Charlotte Mason Companion