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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Morning Scavenger Hunt

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I hear that said, sang and I so agree. In all honestly Christmas used to stress me out. I used to put value on our children's presents and would get worked up over thinking how could I buy them every thing on their list. Then add all the family, and you know; responsibilities. Like paying bills and stuff....can I mention I love growing up and learning! HA

This will be our third year {officially a tradition right} to do a scavenger hunt christmas morning!

The first year we did it was the year I decided I wanted to make christmas extra special for the kids making it more about the memories and experience than gifts. We stuck to the 3-4 gifts rule and turned it into a scavenger hunt! The girls excitedly looked through the house for the clues, ran all around and as we did silly things like having them run around the house a few times they came out to notice they had brand new bikes sitting in the front yard. With us only buying them 2 other gifts it was an extra special thing! That was the first year we noticed they LOVED everything. They did not seem overwhelmed!

Year 2 {the one I've attached below} I had fun with...My husband rolled his eyes and totally called me you notice I ever so slyly included some chores, exercise, and getting dressed and picture ready in there{insert smug mom face}.

Have some fun this year and take the stress off your self. Maybe you have no stress and it's all me making big deals out of nothing.

Gift theme for this year...

1. Book-(I will have more than one knowing myself) will add things they have read more than once this year from the library to our home library.

2. Clothing-Will add a unique piece of clothing they have been eye balling through out the year

3. Something they want

4. An experience- Last year was horseback riding lesson.

I included what I did last year. I cut and taped these through out the house when the girls went to bed that morning. I included reading the christmas story, and fun memories like making breakfast together, and so slyly taking the trash out...Hope it gives you an idea!

Good Morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is your FIRST CLUE! Please feed your dog, then go brush your teeth to find your next clue! You may need to do some digging.

Now that your teeth are shiny and bright, have you made your bed? There may be a clue awaiting you where you stuff the MOST trash! 

Having fun yet? Your hair is ALWAYS messy and that is not a bet! Go find Mama’s hair stuff and ask her to do your hair! A clue is sure to find you just to be fair! 

I have a FEELING that you are getting HUNGRY! Go make some cinnamon rolls, put them in the oven, and then when you are done throw all that TRASH away.....Keep your eyes wide OPEN 

I smell some yummy cinnamon rolls baking, have Daddy read you the CHRISTMAS STORY! Snuggle up tight you do NOT want to miss what will come NEXT! You will have to Search the bible to find your next clue....Hint: I am in the beginning...On the first day

This has been so fun, please take a break and eat a yummy breakfast with your family. Catch your breath because as soon as you are done you will have to RUN up the stairs 4 times before you can open the door to your next clue. Hint: I am the smallest door in the hallway.

Ok enough already I bet you are so anxious to open a gift! Let the fun begin! Open all your presents now and keep your eyes open for the gift that can take your bare feet running. I think there may be a clue awaiting for you there.

You have been sitting far too long, run around that culdasac with me ON! Stop by the mail box, might as well check it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO OUR BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES! Those new shoes you are wearing will be so fun for you when you take your 2 HORSE BACK RIDING LESSONS THIS JANUARY! Give your daddy a hug for this wonderful gift! ENJOY and Merry Christmas, remember who this day is ALL ABOUT! xoxo Love Daddy and Mommy!

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