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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lemons and Lessons

This summer sure has flown by! At the beginning of summer Dana was so determined to make hand squeezed lemonade. So I went and bought 5 lemons. We set up a bowl and cut the lemons in half. Dana was so thrilled. She thought she was going to have a gallon or 2 of lemonade and be able to have a stand. Maybe I was enjoying her learn this little I kept quiet and let it be her idea and said nothing of its hard work. So I got her how many lemons she asked for and set her up. She squeezed the first half of the lemon with all she had. Veins popping out and her little tongue hanging out. So on and so forth, and by half way through she is now sweating. 2 lemons in.
We get to about number 4 and she is noticing we are only to about 3 ounces. She says..."mom, I think next time I will get the powder kind that you just pour in" I started laughing and said yes we can do that.

Ava also had to join in she gave up quickly, but at least she tried!

She finished her lemon squeezing and had about 8 oz. I had her taste it...let her make the face and let her add the sugar and ice. She would taste and taste...and eventually she got it to her liking. As cheesy as it was...I went ahead and said you know Dana, there is a saying that says when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I explained how this fits with many areas of her life...and she smiled and said I like that! She also let Ava help. Cute memories!! I was proud of her good attitude and hard work!

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