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Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer update

It smells like fall around here! I cannot help but get a little bit anxious when August rolls around and I see all of the sweaters come out in the stores and they start bringing in their back to school and fall decor! I came home today and put a pork tenderloin on the rotisserie cooker, and then cooked up some veggies and salad. The girls came in filthy dirty it was delightful. We ate dinner and then ended the day with bath and books:)

This summer is flying by! We have enjoyed it very much and are anxious for school to start. We went to Richland to spend time with Mom and Dad number 2. The girls have missed them so much! We spent the first day at the pool,and relaxing for Daddy's birthday. We made steak and chicken for dinner and a lemon tart for dessert. Daddy was pleased! Then the next day at farmers market and playing at parks. The girls love to show off for Grandma:) Then we got to go to snake river and ride on a speed boat. A friend of Kraig's had it and we sure had fun! I have never been on one so it was a blast. We got to inner tube...I was having fun/scared for my life:) It was a 3 person one, so Ava was in the middle and I was screaming like crazy, Ava taps me and says "its okay momma" too cute. We then just swam in the lake, and then did some cruising around. After 5 or 6 hours, the girls were exhausted and Ava passed out on the way back!
They were so brave 

Last week we got home exhausted and rested for a few days, then decided to start our "before fall starts" clean. Closets, toy boxes, dressers. You name it. I am going through it. With us living in a small house, I have to get creative with how I organize. So we did quite a lot. Especially since Ava got a new big girl bed and she needs more space in her room. We went through all of the girls clothing and put the ones we are not using either in a donate bag or in a bin to be stored in the shed for hand me downs. I went through and cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, and if we do not use it at least a few times a year it got donated...I cleared a lot of space, so there fore I could empty my pantry out better. Because at the moment that is my "office" not just a place to store food. Plus now that we eat healthier I notice the pantry has more room because most of the foods we eat need to be stored in the fridge:)

The girls and I are currently trying to memorize Ephesians 6:10-20. The armor of God. And yes, we are doing it together. I have determined this summer to start memorizing more and being an example to them. I always tell myself how can I be a witness and be a light to others if I am not wearing the armor daily? So anyways we are making it with small verses getting memorized and slowly learning this big chunk:) It is quite cute hearing Ava talk about it and try to quote it.

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