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Friday, July 8, 2011

Summertime Adventures

          I sure am enjoying summer this year! The weather has not been the greatest, but that has not stopped us! Kraiger worked the last week and a half, and every morning I would get up with him. He leaves around 5:00. So I would crawl out of bed, cross eyes...but determined. I sat in the living room with my robe and coffee, listening to the birds chirp, and enjoying the silence of the morning. I have determined to do daily morning devotions with the girls that will capture their attention. So some things that I did this week were using animals to tell the stories...with my face behind them using a very annoying yet captivating voice...singing so loud the poor neighbors could hear, and making a paper chain of blessings necklace they get to wear when they are obedient for the day. So far so good:) I am realizing though, as much time and effort that I put into all of that, really the best things are life experience!
                We have stayed busy these past weeks. Our week consisted of Monday..fourth of July..cousins birthday party and ended with a bbq at our dear friends house. Tuesday we go to swim lessons, Dana then goes to her math tutor, while Ava and I explore the library, then Thursday we have swim again and then we ventured to Olympia. I love visiting there, brings back a lot of memories when I was younger and we first moved to Washington. We went to the childrens museum, and had a picnic lunch at the Capitol and then ended with a spray park. All accompanied by Dana's dear friend Cherish and her momma! Very fun day and lots of memories made!
             Dana is determined that tomorrow we should set up a lemonade stand, she would like to buy a goat for a family in another country....yet she would also like to buy a Nintendo DS...she is quite torn, haha I am hoping she goes for the goat so we can make this a great giving and learning experience! She would like to bake scones from scratch. Also on her agenda is making curtains for her outdoor playhouse, and a sign that says tea time...We stay pretty busy around here:) I feel so blessed to be able to experience all of these fun things with the girls!!

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