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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chicken lime Tacos and Mexican Green Beans

                I have this cook book that my mom got me years ago. It is my absolute favorite..because it is blank. It is a family recipe book, and it is one I fill with favorite recipes as I learn them, and as the girls vote them as one worthy of staying around. So my project for the summer is to take pictures of our favorite meals so I can include them in the book, so why not include them on here for you all to see:)
                   Most of my cooking I strive to do "Paleo style" Much inspiration comes from my lovely neighbor and friend Amanda. She has told me that when you eat even 80% paleo you will still reap the benefits. Dana has had allergies since she was born, and they include dairy, gluten and a sensitivity to processed foods. I as well do not do well on processed foods, or gluten. So rule of thumb is usually we strive to eat like a cave man (lean meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, fruit) through out the week, and give in a little on the weekends. I know that in time this will help me in my weight loss journey as well:) OK enough history here is tonights meal.
Chicken and Lime Tacos, mexican green beans, and coconut fruit salad
 Easy meal. Chicken in the crock pot all day with some salsa, black beans, and lots of cajun seasoning, and water of course. And as you can see when it is dinner time, we just scoop that mixture on a romaine wrap and add some lime and salsa. Easy.
We eat green beans with almost every meal...mainly because the kids think they are awesome...and so do I. I pretty much just flavor them to whatever meal we are having. So tonight all I did was saute them in coconut oil in a pan, and once that absorbed I added the juice from the crock pot. It made them spicy and so yummy.
For a sweet treat I cut up some strawberries and pineapple and poured about 1 tablespoon of coconut milk on the top and crushed up some candied almonds(only about 3) so it made it feel fancy:) The girls like anything when I add the word fancy!

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