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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer time week 1ish

            Summer has officially started! It may have taken until July to reach HOT, but it is ok. We enjoyed the day any how. We have been so busy around here and are so exhausted, but also making memories, so that is okay:)

             I took Dana to her first ever Junior Camp. It was so fun, the weeks before preparing. She was acting all grown up as I took her to shop for the things we would need. She said she needed a new purse, wallet, lip gloss, kleenex...all the randoms that go into a purse. I could not resist, it was cute. She got to camp and actually carried her purse around. Camp was a life changing experience for the both of us. People warned me that I would come home changed, they were not kidding. I guess anyone can benefit from no internet,or phone for a whole week. I saw Dana's tender heart go to the altar for the first time. She has been to the altar many times, but it was special to see her go up there and you could see her respond. She closed her eyes, and tears started to trickle down her face, and you could feel the presence of God in the whole place. I mean when kids pray...God shows up! It was amazing. After the first day, I asked Dana is she could feel God, because I sure did. She said...No mom I did not, but my heart was burning. And I tell you it gave me chills, because we take that presence for granted and do not even realize when it happens, but I told her Dana the bible says that God is like the wind, we cannot see him, but we can feel him. And I explained what her heart felt was God. She smiled, and I wiped tears from my eyes.
          That whole week changed me, I came home refreshed and really ready to focus on my child truly showed me that being a stay at home is more important than I realize. Though it is not for everyone, and not everyone is able to do it. I am so blessed to be able to do so right now. So in prayer the other day God put the thought on my mind as I was asking for help on how to raise them not to love the world and all it has to offer..that the world may have their eye on them, but I have my hand on them. Dana and I really bonded at camp, and I know that it was the beginning of great things to come.So anyways, a lot has sprouted from that precious week of junior camp.
                Kraiger started work this week...bittersweet...I am a little sad. He works about 1.5 hours away, so he does not get home until right at dinner time, and I am exhausted by then. But the girls and I have begun enjoying summer...even in the rain. Last week it was pouring and I let them go outside and sit in the playhouse for fresh air. We have been doing library trips, swim class, park days. Today the girls were in the back yard all afternoon digging in the dirt with shovels, running through the water, swinging. It was just a delightful sight because we have been anxious for sun! And FINALLY!
          Funny story of the week( cover your ears Julie Chamberlain, I am going to use a "potty word" and I know you read these LOL)
            I am outside and the girls came inside to use the bathroom. I all of a sudden hear Ava screaming GROSS GROSS GROSS. Then I hear Dana all hateful Yell back " ITS A BATHROOM can fart in here" LOL I mean I am outside and I hear them yelling back and forth at the top of their lungs! More stories to come I am sure. Having two girls...the drama that gets them going is usually hilarious!

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