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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ava and her three year old self

Ava has been growing up so much. She is such a big girl now. We still call her baby and probably always will. We let her get away with "baby" things, I enjoy every minute of it. Dana was always a "mature" child...always trying to act older. Still does. Ava is very much a typical three year old. Yes she stuffs about 15 animals in her bed every night, and we have to kiss them all...yes she wheels her back pack through the store, and yes she truly believes her dollies have real feelings, and they get hurt when we don't let them ride in the car with their car seat.
She is riding her bike now so well, she keeps up quite well, she also started writing her name last month. Yes it is a easy short name but hey...I will take it:) She is going to go and stay with her grandma and grandpa in Richland next week while Dana and I go to junior camp, and I am going to be going a week with zero cell phone reception so although I know she will be overly spoiled and totally fine, it will be so hard not to check in.
Ava all dirty, after a day with Daddy

This week I am taking one room a day and totally organizing. This happens about once or twice a year, and I give a lot away. I would like to declutter the girls rooms to the point that they do not always feel overwhelmed by all their stuff that they feel like all they do is clean! I feel all I do is clean, and there are better things to do with my day such as play with the girls, so it is time to go through our things!
I love Sundays, my menu is all planned for the next week, and I am excited for all the organizing, and hopefully I can focus and get it done.What would I do without all the women out there that take the time to write inspiring blogs and books about being a wife and momma. They truly are the little push I need to get going for the week!

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