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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homeschooling in the Good and Bad Moods

            I am such a happier mom when we have successful days. But I learned yesterday that I can be a happy mom on the hard days too. It was an extremely difficult day...I literally had to pray about my attitude. My husband looked stressed....the kids were fighting, no one wanted to work, the house was a mess, my stuff was falling behind, went to my weight watcher meeting 3 lbs heavier, (yes one of THOSE DAYS)...and I dug deep and said this can't ruin our day. It was a horrible day....Yet I smiled and got through it!
          Today was awesome! I think it was a blessing from God for me choosing to have a good attitude through yesterday.
          Dana zoomed through her work and tests with a smile, Ava peacefully started her morning off with some counting. I set up a piece of paper with numbers 1-5 on it and she placed beans on the right numbers. She also played with some felt I cut up and spelled her name learning that the big A goes in the beginning of her name and the small a at the end. Lucky child with a short name:) We went to our Co-Op P.E. at the YMCA that we go to Tuesdays and Thursdays, and had a fun time. It is a blessing for Dana to get 4 hours a week of PE while Ava also gets Preschool with the other 3 and 4 year olds. It is peaceful in here tonight and I am thankful. Learning to not let the not so great days of home school ruin our days, because they are few...and they will come:) It is normal. Ending our night with some games!

Dana is joyful here because she is beating Daddy (first time ever) and Ava is doing her thing....wrestling Daddy's head. Usually she sits behind him with a comb haha

 Things I have learned this year so far for a more productive day...

~ Getting up early to prepare for the day is a must. I am too tired the night before. Psalms 31:15. Spiritual food is needed to have a good attitude and work effectively.
~ Use google! HAHA Seriously I have found so many ways to teach my preschooler with things like beans...(sorting,counting) and felt. Play doh...clay..or my favorite...a washrag and water. She sure loves to wash doors and trim, and it helps me out! 
~ Write an agenda for each day, the girls and myself...I include the evening. Hour by hour...and if we have to toss it....we toss it and move on. 
~Get their opinion. My girls have a lot to say, and what they want to learn is important! Where they want to go for field trips, and what they want at the end of their goals!
~It is okay to assign my child homework! I never did, and certain things would pile up. I quit feeling bad and let her know that like any other school we need to finish our tasks. It also takes the pressure off of those times when we need to stop what we are doing to run out for an appointment. 
~Make dates with my girl friends to have some just me refresh time, a date with the hubby is nice too:) is okay to vent:)
Thank you pinterest & Benjamin Franklin for this inspirational quote that helped me through my day!


  1. Hanna,
    Thank you for sharing with us your progressive journey in homeschooling. I enjoy watching you grow with your girls as you discover what works best for your family.
    Love your open honesty.
    Love YOU! :)

  2. LOVE YOU!! Thank you, means a lot! I think you said it perfectly, our progressive journey! It amazed me that no amount of planning or book reading could prepare me for the real life thing that it is...there are days when no matter how well you plan...your child just won't have it! Lots of adjusting on both sides, and the good days out weigh the not so good! Love all my support though!