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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Updates

Fall Update!

Tolbert Family update is that we are finally getting our schedule down. YAY! We seem to have a system running smoothly through out the week with schooling, activities, church, life groups, and we even squeeze in family time. We made a fall bucket list and have stuck to it! One of the things on there was weekly family days or nights. Even though we are together all week we are usually running in different directions. So we make sure that at least once a week we all get our jammies on extra early and get out the games and books and sprawl out on the living room floor...or sometimes we all get into mommy and daddy's bed and read.

Dana update. She is making huge leaps in her math. Over the summer we got her a math tutor so she would not lose her skills and she had so much fun that we wanted to continue it through the year. So basically her math tutor challenges her but with games and does speed drills with her so she can perfect and memorize what she already knows. She has a blast with that! She loves the other subjects to and I can say by looking at her tests, and all of her work from last week in comparison with week one, she is improving and moving forward wonderfully! She also really is growing up into a little girl. She loves to have her friend Cherish over, and it is so fun to see them giggling outside and taking pictures together. They have become so close this year since they both home school and already to so much together. Dana always tells me she is more like her sister. Socially Dana is doing great in my book. It was honestly a concern when I pulled her out of school, but she is doing so great. I see her in her different settings like co op. She goes up to some of the girls and starts conversation, and is very polite.

Ava update- She is for sure making me dig deep for my patience. HAHA I love her so much and she is fun, but she is a very busy little girl with lots of demands. Her patience is small so I have learned to plan ahead the day before so she has lots of activities lined up while Dana does school work. She is learning so quickly. We do a lot of paint,crayons,clay, play-doh, blocks, beans, legos, felt. Anything to keep her busy! I have come to love our Mondays because it is when Dana goes to tutor at the library and we get to walk down town pPuyallup together. She always loves to get a hot chocolate and a treat at Forza, and then we browse the shops, and usually end our walk by looking at books in the library. It is our little date!

I have been staying busy doing all of the different things but when it is things you love it makes it a lot easier! The days are filled with all the duties of a house hold manager:) Being a mom, and home school teacher. But on Monday nights we have been having a youth life group at the church and I look forward to it. I love seeing the teens get close with one another. I love listening to my husband give lessons. He sure isn't the same as when he was 17. HAHA. Love it!
We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in Richland this year. It is always fun for me to be around my momma number 2 and watch her cook and hear about stories of when Kraiger was little. Plus it is always a bonus to have extra hands to spoil the kids!

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  1. Love the fall background! Had to say that first. :)
    Enjoy hearing about Dana's schooling. You and Kraiger are doing such a great job keeping her involved! She is such a cheerful young lady, and loves engaging with other people.
    It's easy to see that you are a tight-knit little family. Love that. :)