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Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas time at the Tolbert's

      It sure does not feel like Christmas when looking outside, we have the windows cracked to let fresh air in and the sun is shining bright! Normally this time of year we are getting a foot of....RAIN. I must admit I do miss it a bit. We have stayed so busy this week enjoying many Christmas parties. Yesterday we stayed in all day and did not get out of our PJ's all day. It was delightful! The girls are busy playing doll house in the living room today, and I am painting Ava's Kitchen that Daddy built for her.

         We probably will enjoy this Christmas more than any other Christmas we have celebrated in this cozy house of ours. There is such a spirit of contentment around here and I love it. My girls are not begging for presents and they are not in a greedy and grouchy mood. We made a "fall time" bucket list and on there was more family time. We have stuck to it and are having a blast. We have been playing more games now that Ava is old enough. And who doesn't love a good game of hide and seek and tickle til they cry or scream. We have been abundantly blessed this past year and I am so thankful to be spending this Christmas here in my home with my family and knowing that we have done all we can to make it a memorable one!

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