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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reflecting and looking forward!

January is here, and I cannot believe it is 2012! WOW. I finally got used to writing 2010.......then 2 years passed. My goodness! There is something about having kids that makes life go way too quickly. As a new year is here and another one gone, we always like to sit and reflect on the past year, and make goals for the new one. I can say a few highlights of 2011...were.....

We are still alive...fed( a little over fed), healthy, and breathing even with my husband going all year with no job. God provided in MANY ways, he revealed to us the things we thought we needed were usually just things we wanted:) We learned so much, we lost so much, and it is so small in comparison to ALL WE GAINED!

Dana has absolutely excelled in our adventure of home schooling. Her schedule is as follows...
Monday(school during the day) then math games with her tutor at 12 and violin lessons at 130
Tuesday(school) 1-3 PE at the YMCA co op and 3-4 is gymnastics
Wednesdays school and free day
Thursday (school) and YMCA co op 1-3, 3-4 gymnastics
Friday(school) usually a field trip:)
Who ever said home schoolers were sheltered has not seen us! She keeps me so busy and I am learning so much, I am seeing her step out of her comfort zone, push her self, and she is just a whole different child for the good. So for her....this works!

Ava is so chatty. She has grown up so much this past year, she has become little miss questions! They are usually ones that catch you off guard. Sometimes I have to just stop what I am doing and have her repeat her self because I am thinking did she really just ask me that! I am always on my toes haha. She does a preschool program and gymnastics class at the YMCA while Dana is at her classes there too, so she has made many friends also!

Kraiger and I have grown so much closer this year, I love the quality time we have together. I must say I will be glad to get back to a normal schedule because guys sure do have a way of making little messes everywhere they breathe:)

I have a very large list of goals that I would love to see happen in 2012, my list is probably much simpler than it normally is. I am looking forward to all that this next year has to offer, not just in my families life but for the other friends and families that have been brought into our life. My expectations are high, my faith is high and my God is big! Bring it on 2012!!

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