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Friday, February 24, 2012

My Sweet Dana's 8

         A little too late but since she does not read these that is okay:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DANA MARIE! What a delight she has been! Most mothers can relate about the first born's birthday. It always takes me back to the moments before she was born of all the fears I had. Will I know what I am doing? Will she love me, will I be good to her, the list goes on. Thankfully 8 years later she has exceeded my every thought and prayer for her!

                 She was the first to make me a mommy. The first to make me desire to be caring for someone other than myself. She brought her Dad and I closer because we had to work as a team in deciding for her future and how to raise her. I came to have a relationship with Jesus when she was a baby because I finally admitted doing this on my own was not going to happen! She changed my career path.....haha did I have one? I thought I had plans in mind. Everytime I went to school, or started a job all I could think of was her. I had to stop and think did I want "stuff" or TIME. I wanted time with her, so quitting a job was an easy decision. Money wastes away. The precious years I have with her are more important.
             She has changed so many things in me, and pulled out qualities in me I never knew I had. She is an absolute delight to me and I love her dearly. Her soft heart challenges me and this past year I have truly got to see her heart more than ever before. I spend most days by her side reading,teaching,playing,loving, and helping. I am blessed to watch her grow!

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