Stories From The Tolbert Home

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life at the Office

A new chapter has begun for the Tolbert family! We are fully embracing it! My husband has been in construction for 7 years and as of November of 2010 he has been out of work from what we thought was a consistent job! Long story short, faith has been tested and he is now an "office man." I used to tease that he would NEVER be a pencil pusher....he is way too hyper. Thankfully there is a spin to it, and he is still "building" or "constructing" but now it is iPhones.iPads.MacBooks.iPods. He started as a hobby over a year ago, and it was great extra money. Our pastor/his Uncle got him started and he has loved it ever since. With business blooming they decided to open up shop in cozy down town Puyallup. 

It has been an adjustment  and we are getting into the swing of things! There is even a little office with its own bathroom and desk that the girls love to call their own! I love being in downtown Puyallup on the days I go with him. Mostly the girls and I stay home and get our own things done, but on the days we go with them, the girls have great fun watching a movie,reading, doing school, or playing pretend in their little room! Our shortened conclusion of this drastic 180 degree job change is that God knew we would never walk away from the money of the other job.....he had to take it and give us something he Willed for our life. The joy my husband has, and the fact he is not complaining of pain all of the worth it all! 

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge him and he SHALL direct thy paths" Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. Your family sure has had some life changes these past two years! We have loved watching the contentment and joy you've exercised on this new path. Your family is dear to our hearts. Proud of you guys!
    Nick, Kaylee, and Baby Hadley

  2. I know the intersection is one of the busiest in town. Humanity just walking by every few minutes. And those who walk in the door think its only about iPhones. Watching you witness to others openly in the shop is very refreshing. Last night, Nick told me about a person in Vegas who was a hairdresser by day, and gave bible studies in the shop at night to those who had visited the shop. Sounds like a great idea with such a busy location. I can already see the sign on the street saying, "Bible Study Group Tonight"