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Monday, April 16, 2012

Grilled Pizza...Yes Please!

I am not usually a "foodie" blogger. But since this is stories from our home I must share my experience with grilled pizza! Our family will now make this a part of our monthly menu, I would say weekly but that would not help my waistline. I have always been a fan of make it your self pizza crust. For some reason pizza feels so much healthier when you do it yourself....or at least that is what excuse I use! My favorite pizza crust recipe is found here (Bobby Flay Pizza Crust). Next I sprayed my cooking stone with some olive oil spray so it would not stick. Then sprinkled some flour on it.
 Pizza is one of those foods that you can sneak so many veggies in and the kids usually do not notice! So after a few drizzles of olive oil on my flattened out crust I even sprinkle some salt. Then spread on my pizza sauce. Not too much for me! Then for this occasion I spread handfuls of spinach on and layered basil leaves and oregano from my herb garden right on top! I did not even crunch them up...its prettier that way....Then finished off with some sliced roma tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese!

After firing up the grill I put my stone with the pizza directly on the grill. As a first timer I hovered over the grill, opening the lid every 4 minutes. I would say it took about 12 and it was done! So probably less if you put your pizza directly on the grill! 
This meal cost me less than $5.00 to make and it fed our family of 4 well! It had that fresh taste of a brick oven pizza that costs well over 20.00 if you go out! We will be making this again...soon!

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