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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recipe worth sharing!

Tonight was one of those nights where I really just wanted to tell the hubby to go grab a pizza. I was NOT feeling good and very tired. Then I heard the girls playing so sweetly in the other room. Sometimes the sound of their giggles catches my ears and gives me the perfect motivation to get me through my 3:00 slump. I thought NO not today...I am going to come up with something creative that will entice them to come running for dinner when it is time. So I looked in the fridge and it is almost time to go shopping so I wanted to use up what we is what I came up with that turned out AMAZING and the kids LOVED it....something about a great meal, that makes the conversation great as well!

Tortilla Chicken Burgers
4 Tortillas cut into quarters
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders
Sour Cream
Monterary Jack Cheese
Chipotle/ or Jerk Seasoning Seasoning

I rubbed the chicken down with some seasonings, put it on the grill and sprayed my tortilla quarters with some olive oil and put those on the low heat of the grill as well. That all cooked up in about 15 minutes, so brought them inside put out tortilla quarters on our plate, spread some guacamole,sour cream,salsa on there put the chicken on and topped with cheese. Make it like a hamburger and serve fruit! So yummy!
Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a mommy, and how much simple things like serving a great meal and seeing smiles on your kids face just makes my WEEK!

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