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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Time Thanks

Sometimes I need to write a list of what I am thankful here it is for all of you to see:)
First and foremost...Jesus CHrist
2. Salvation
3.The truth
5.My husband (who also has all of the things above)(who is also an amazing, father,friend,husband, man!)
6. Dana Marie(my 7 year old who changed my life in so many ways, who keeps me company, and prays for me with her sweet little voice when I am sick or sad,who has a heart of gold)
7. Ava Jane(my 3 year old, who has taught me patience, taught me that even if I am busy I need to stop for a hug...not just a hug...when she wants cuddle time, she wants me to lay down with her and rock her, she has taught me so much.)
8. My family( there are too many to sum up)
9.Friends, most people that are considered my friend, also fall into the category of family as well.
10. Ladies of God in my life who speak words of wisdom through rough times, and good times
11. homeschooling....brought our family dynamic so much closer. Words can't explain the intimate times we have had in just a short while
I will stop there for now. I may include more in the future, but for today I am thankful for the things I can take with me to for the things of this world, they are not for me. Life is truly a vapor

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