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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growing Family

The time has come, and we heard HEARD our little baby today. The heart beat was nice and strong! We got to see the baby on ultra sound a month ago and it was in there just kicking around. There were tears involved! Words cannot describe our joy. We recently told our girls that they would be getting a new "sibling" Ava yells YAY A NEW SIBLET! haha. Too cute. This has been such a journey, I have enjoyed all the help from friends and family while I have been so sick many have stepped in to clean, take the girls, or let me come veg on their couch to get away from my own house. I sure do like to sleep these days! Now that I am in the second trimester I am starting to feel so much better!
A small walk through what our summer has been like.
We found out I was pregnant and laid it low for awhile. I was exhausted so lots of rest. The puking started almost instantly. There was no relief for quite some time. I have never had a pregnancy this sick. I was thankful to have so many "good" symptoms but I have been such a hot mess. A few highlights....I took the girls out to subway for breakfast one day and we get out to the parking lot and Ava gags on something(she is a regular puking child with horrible reflux) So she starts throwing up all over the parking lot. I go ahead and rub her back and hold her hair and start throwing up right beside her. We bonded puking together while Dana was laughing so hard in the car. Yes this is a typical day.
I know the neighbors think I am a regular drunk, I quite often swing the front door open to throw up all over the grass because if I am in the living room...the bathroom is just to far!
Besides all of the TMI. I have sat many many mornings in my living room relaxing(what I do most these days) and just think of how blessed I am to be where I am. I know that babies do not always come when we plan, or think that they should. And we feel so so blessed to have another on the way!
I know the time will come so quick, and we are trying to enjoy the stage we are at! I showed up at the chiropractor the other day and Ava starts clapping and saying yay he will take the baby out today! I said no...not here and not yet! HA. Loving this journey!

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