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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Time and 18 weeks

           This week has been so fun for our family. Mostly because we began out favorite season of all...FALL time. We have already made 2 homemade soups, lit our fall candles,put the candy corn out, and did some walking to look for fallen leaves. We also all got sick so unfortunately that meant lots of time on the couch with tissues. But a little part of me was enjoying the horribleness of all of that because although the husband was snoring loudly on the couch...we were all together. And lately that is rare(with work and different events).
          We had our baby appointment today. I am now 18 weeks and as soon as the doctor walked in she said, your looking pregnant! I said YAY. HAHA I feel pregnant glad I am starting to look it. The babies heart beat sounded wonderful:) Still makes me feel amazing and slightly teary eyed. ( Ok so I cry on the way home;) I started to feel the baby kick around 17 weeks and it is more and more every day which is so amazing. It never gets old. I always stop what I am doing to enjoy it. The girls like to pretend they can feel it too and put their hand on my tummy and talk. Dana has recently started playing her harp hoping the baby can hear. I know they will all be great friends! I recently started craving specific things. I have thrown up daily since 7 weeks. I have never had a pregnancy last this long with nausea. WOW. Many embarrassing, unforgettable memories there. So to finally have 4 days of no throwing up under my belt haha Ill go ahead and brag. And hope it does not return. I have been going to different teriyaki places asking if they have the cabbage salad. Some use lettuce. And I want the cabbage one...why is it so hard to find. I moved on to jimmy johns and settled for a blt sandwich with pickle haha. I am just glad to be eating and hoping to watch what I eat.
            We are enjoying the school year and stay very busy with that. I was glad to have the girls pictures taken for the beginning of the new school year. They had so much fun and I could not possibly upload them all on here! I hope to a few at a time!

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