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Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Baby Boy

I had to hurry and write this blog before I forget every detail of my special day! No brain these days. I am 20 weeks exactly and we woke up thrilled to be in the "twenties". We have not been in a hurry to find out what we were having because really this whole pregnancy we are just thankful for a healthy baby! I could have had my ultra sound at 18 weeks and I moved it out. Kraiger really wanted to have the ultrasound tech write down what we were having in an envelope with the picture so that we could find out with our girls. So that was hard but I honored his wish and turned my head. I felt like I was missing out on the best Christmas gift ever. We watched as the baby sweetly put its hand over its face and did quite a few flips. I had to turn from side to side so they could get views of the heart. The baby was running away from the technician:)
The hours drug until our cupcakes were being made and 6:30 finally arrived. The girls bit into the cupcakes and discovered the center was blue. I am still in shock. Kraiger and I keep saying "He" and we cannot believe it. We feel beyond blessed to have this new edition to the family. Ava kissed my tummy tonight and said hi baby brother. HEART MELT. I am so glad we waited to all find out at once because it was so special.
This pregnancy has been so different than any other. For one I still throw up every day. I have skipped a few but this has lasted over 12 weeks now. I will need a dentist visit soon haha. I love every minute with my girls and I am excited to have a little boy to call me mommy, and he be my little mommas boy. I can't wait for sports, and trucks and trains, and little turtles in his room. It all seems so unreal but we are thrilled. I think Ive said that 5 times! haha Pictures to come

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