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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting back on the wagon

Now that the excuse of nausea has left I am back at meal planning. More determined that ever to..
1. Teach my girls to be good stewards with out money

2.Be organized

3. Save money, pinch, and plan..not because we have to anymore but because It Is Biblical!

For the past 5 months I fell off the wagon with meal planning, even grocery shopping was hard. We ate out quite a bit because I was so nauseous in the evenings that it was easier to tell the husband to go pick something up. Unfortunately everyones waistline is suffering...its not all the babies doing haha. So everytime I would sit down to make my menu I would stare at it. I would eventually browse through pinterest and make quite the overwhelming menu that I could never keep up with. Right now I have to be practical. When it is 5:00 I am tired, its just life. So the menu would sit, the food would rot and money was wasted. So I was quite thankful when at 3am one morning(when the baby likes to keep my up kicking up a storm), I thought of a plan.

Each week I will keep it simple, and it will save money as well.

Here is my plan.

Breakfast night/or meatless dish
Crockpot meal-2x
Leftover night
Life group(meal taken care of by others)
Normal meals.(chinese style,homestyle,mexican,soup or whatever I find on interest)-2x

So I planned out 10 days(started on a Wednesday so it would end on a Sunday)
Here is what I came up with

11-7 Steak, sweet potatoes, and fried cabbage(steak was already in fridge we cut 2 in half so we portioned better,one sweet potato fed us all, and some cabbage fried with pam cooking spray and spices cheap meal!)

11-8-Life group-pizza,salad

11-9  Fruit crepes,whip cream, and bacon

11-10 Stir Fry with chicken,mushrooms,peppers,cabbage and brown rice(only 2 chicken breasts)

11-11 Pot Roast with carrots,green beans,parsnips and potatoes

11-12 Beef-n-Noodles, salad (left over roast, make brown gravy from the roast and combine with noodles)

11-13 Left overs and salad

11-14 Fish Tacos, cabbage and lime.  (Tortilla crusted tilapia)

11-15 Life Group

11-16 Homemade biscuits, with gravy. Fruit

11-17 Baked chicken,sweet potatoes, Green beans

11-18 Chicken noodle soup(pot pie style) Make ahead

Using this template it helped me a lot and for 10 days my grocery bill was 139.00 Including some cleaning supplies, lunch things, and breakfast things. If this method works we should save almost 200 a month on groceries!

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  1. Yippee for savings! Thank you for posting so I can steal some of your meals ideas. :)