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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

24 weeks

      24 weeks and 5 days...but who is counting ;) This is the only time in my life where literally the days are counted down. The rest of the time, it can slow down and that would just be great. I am enjoying this stage of pregnancy where you get quite a lot done. I have mostly good days, then there are days like today where you feel plastered to the couch. Exhausted. It worked out that the girls are feeling the same. We all took advantage of that, read books,did some baking, and just taking it easy. On the "good days" I seem to go right into the swing of things and almost forget I have a growing bump, I "bump"
 it on things ha-ha, bend over too fast...squat too quickly...realizing it is not going to come back up that quick.
       The cravings at this point are...Taco bus!!! Cabbage(in egg rolls,spring rolls, raw,cooked...anyway!) The other day I had an overwhelming craving for a chocolate chip cookie. It hit me hard. I drove right past Panera bread...I was so proud to resist...then I quickly came crashing down when I got home and realized Kraiger had brought home peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough. FAIL. I had a few too many scoop fulls.
        The baby kicks so much. I just love it. In fact I can now see it from the outside. Everyone has got to feel him moving around. The girls talk about him everyday and run up to my belly to say hi and give kisses. It is so sweet. I think with them being older they will be such little mommas. I will have to learn to share him.
We cannot wait! Just around the corner! 

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