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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Ava Turns 5

       I am not sure how 5 years can pass so quickly. Is it just me or do you hear all the elders saying "life is too short"
When Dana turned 5 I absolutely bawled my eyes out. It was the end of a season of toddlerness, and the beginning of school, older talk, more me it was just a hard transition. I have not cried with Ava, I feel sad when I realize how quickly she turned 5 and that the next one will turn 5 just as quick, and Ava will be 10 by then.
        The years of baby and toddler, the no sleep, pull your hair out, limited husband time, limited friend time, limited get dressed up pretty to go nowhere time really truly....fades so quick. Next thing you know you have these independent children. It makes me sad, yet I absolutely LOVE each phase. And each child that goes through the phase is different, so that makes it fun.
I believe you learn as you go along, or I hope I do..:) But with Dana -Classic Firstborn- We wore ourselves out going over the top, We actually still do, mostly because we love reliving our own childhood through them hahaha. Try this sport, try that one, try this instrument, no that one, go see this play, read this book I loved, you pretty much shove them towards 500 things you wish you would have enjoyed, or you just want them to enjoy! They love it!
          There was something about Ava being born that made me slow down. I think the reason I don't shed tears for today is because for the most part, I quit trying to live life how I assumed I was susposed to and started living life enjoying being what role God made me into for now. Wife-mom-housemaker.
Right after I found out I was pregnant with her I quit my full time job as a Medical records clerk, took Dana out of her full time daycare, put the rest of my college on hold, and said "Dana...Let's stay home" She loved that idea..and we have not looked back since! So thankful for a husband who has never once complained, who never expects more out of life, and who proudly drives around in a not so beautiful, 92 VW golf just so he will not have a car payment, and that is one of many things he does so his wife can enjoy these years at home.
          With being pregnant this year, and almost all our family being out of state, out of town, I feel like Ava is getting the simpler things, I was beating myself up so bad because I had not begun work on her ever so huge birthday bash I had planned. 5 is a big deal! Hello! After venting to my husband he made me feel better about just inviting a few friends over to play. Maybe only 2 or 3 will come, but to Ava who is a simple and unexpecting child, it will be a blast. We took the day off from life today and started out with a Big Ol Breakfast and proceeded to starbucks for some hot chocolate, then headed off to one of Ava's favorite bounce house places. We came home all rested, went to dinner, then drove around looking at Christmas lights. As I tucked her into bed, she said "Momma, Im so happy and so thankful you and Daddy did all the fun stuff with me." After all it is the hours of the day that we spent with her she will never forget versus the hours I would have spent on her huge birthday bash. Feeling Thankful

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  1. Happy Birthday "A-ya"!
    Aunt Kaylee and Hadley