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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Third Trimester

        Here we are, as of last week I began the last and final trimester. I am so excited, and yet have an overwhelming, overpowering sense of nesting that must get itself under control! HA. Really the nesting has come in the form of a million thoughts swirling of things that need to be done, but it has not yet triggered in my energy for now, I will plan away in my head and on paper! We really have most everything we really need. We need a few more things, and have a few more "wants" and I know after having children already that really you don't need all those things right away. The baby will not care if I organize the girls closets, or get their toy boxes cleaned out, he won't even notice that I take the time to bend over on hands and knees to clean base boards. I am feeling really well and the growth spurt I experienced from 23 to 26ish weeks has slowed down and I know it will pick up again now that I am 28 weeks. But Ill enjoy the steadiness for now. The tiredness has returned but thankfully it is break time with school almost, and most all programs we are apart of AND it is the season for pajamas and baking and all things cozy at home, so really we will make due just fine! As of this week I will now start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks.
         Little boy kicks a lot, especially night time. He and I like to make many bathroom trips, and look at Pinterest together at 2am, its easier than falling back asleep...maybe the reason for the tiredness. (Lightbulb) 
         The holiday time is here and that will pass so quickly, then January will be my last productive month before I am too huge to move, and in February we wait. Wait for sweet baby who may not even arrive until March. Either way we cannot wait to hold him and the girls regularly practice holding baby brother with their baby dolls. For now 11 weeks and 5ish days...but who's counting....


  1. ME! I'm counting. :)
    Also, really like the Christmas background!

  2. haha We are counting I should say....getting closer...!!!!!