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Saturday, December 29, 2012

31 weeks plus a few days ;)

31 weeks along now and I try not to count the days, but that is exactly what I do. I know really you have no idea when they will arrive, yet that countdown still ticks away in my mind. We are so excited.
I hit the nesting stage like crazy probably 2 weeks ago. I cannot say I remember it this bad with the girls. Maybe it is stronger because I truly know how organized I need to be to keep things running smoothly while mama is down. It will all not go as planned I know, but hey at least I am making up for the first 4 months of this pregnancy where I was too sick to move.
I still get nauseous over certain things, but I do not throw up....well at least this week haha. We have a small room, or a lot of stuff in there I should say. So I went through and got rid of as much as I could since the baby will be in our room for awhile. I put a cubicle thing in my closet for his clothes and we are also majorly cleaning out the girls rooms in case we decide to stay at this house for another year and need to combine their rooms.
Little man is still measuring 3 weeks big as of my last appointment. I am fine with that but I also know that the measurements are always off! So I am not concerned and know he will come when he's good and ready. With my extra energy I can do more than just walk at the gym, I have climbed my big self up on the stair master quite a few times, added in arms in the weight room(you get some stares with your big belly and weights) and I rotate the machines. I am anxious to get back into normal clothing. And I am ready for walking to not feel like I am jogging. We are on the home run and did I mention we are anxious? Next month we have quite a few goals of getting the last of the big items we need, paint a few rooms, get some meals made, do a small get away with the girls, and pack our bags so when February gets here we can just relax. For every highly productive day I have I have a day of absolute laziness! Yesterday I got 4,000 things checked off my list, And I will be plastered to the couch for the rest of the day I am sure. Ill take what I can get!

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