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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

2012 was an unforgettable year for many reasons! It definately had its lows, but the highs outweighed each one. It was a year of growth, trust, and leaps of faith. Each time an uncertain event would arise we  chose to remember 2010/2011 where God absolutely provided our every need and took us through what seemed like more downs than ups. This was the year that was the fruit of 2010 and 2011. Here are a few highlights.

Our family made the decision to sell the home we were living in for 7 years. It was nothing fancy, we did not make a dime on it...but knew God was beginning a new season for us and it was time to trust and move forward. 

We moved to a new location near everything that we do on a regular basis! It is so nice to be within 5 miles of all the people we see on a regular basis, our church, our co op groups, the gym we go to, and in a safe neighborhood!

Leap of faith...."opened up shop" My husband took the mobile repair business (that was only considered a job in waiting until construction work picked back up) and they opened up a location. A store front. We were scared out of our mind...but as with all other decisions we have learned when there is peace...its time to trust. The first month, the second month...made us quite nervous. Our thoughts were how will this work? With the confirmation of many people we trust we knew that no matter the outcome this was going to be where we were supposed to be for now. In this year God not only multiplied and multiplied business...he did more than I as a wife could ever dream of. He put men in my husbands path on a daily basis that are Godly mentors. He worked with very very foul people. He came home burdened, grumpy, and out of sorts. He is a new person to be around. Our pastor, his uncle started this business and made it possible for Kraiger to start one of his own doing many things besides iPhone repair. He sits with him at least 3 days out of the week. So thankful. I could go on and on.

The Tolbert family...became debt free! When we began a new path of life in 2010 of becoming jobless we never thought it possible for 1. to be able to live without credit 2. to ever see the mountain go away 3. change our way of thinking. 
It took almost 2 years to happen. Here are a few things that helped
1. We cut all cards
2. We wrote down every ounce of debt and bills we had. OUCH way over our heads
3. I made a goal in 2011 to sew most of the girls skirts, and shop used. 
4. I meal planned
5. We limited our fun events and chose to do things that were free around the house, visit friends, family.
6. All those were easy...we then started to get into the humbling selling our car. We did not owe much on it so we really stewed on this one..but again felt it was necessary. We made a little on it, bought a little honda and drove that while saving our money to upgrade. 
7. Any extra money that came in went straight to the debt pile.
8. We found a cheaper home to live in
9. We quit all netflix, or extra activities, only thing we left was the gym. For everyones sanity.
10.We REGULARLY checked in with our financial/Godly advisors and asked advice. Keeping in check! This included me surrounding myself with people that have the same goals! My biggest motivation sometimes was other moms! 
11. When money started coming in....we had to have self control. We did buy things we needed and sometimes things we wanted. But our goal was to build a savings account, and pay off debt.
12. Most importantly we prayed. God knew the desire of our heart.
13. Last but not least...once debt was paid off...we made sure to always have my husband put a "paycheck" in the home account and live off that. Keeping the two separate. I never thought we could look at extra money in the bank and turn a blind eye. I have learned to budget...or working on it..and we learned to give...and most of all learned self control.

We were thrilled and SHOCKED to find out we were expecting a baby! Wouldn't you know that it was about 3 weeks after moving in the new house we found out. Almost felt like a confirmation of a new season beginning. 

We became apart of Lighthouse Co op program, my children have met so many friends, and enjoy our Mondays because of this!

There were many things that brightened our year. There were many things that caused me to just trust. I have no clue what 2013 holds, but we are not perfect, no where near it and I am thankful for a newer mindset and can't wait to see how we use it this coming year!

God Bless and Happy New Year

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