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Thursday, January 31, 2013

36 weeks!

I sure am glad I have chosen to write occasionally regarding this pregnancy because I swear I do not remember much of the others. I feel like this is the first time going through everything and then someone will remind me oh went through that when you were pregnant with Ava. Anyways...36 weeks and I feel so relaxed. I was so anxious at my 35 week appointment. I had just gotten over a horrible week long cold...then went straight into the flu, THE WORST flu ever. The worst possible body aches. I actually slept on the floor because I hurt so bad, and the bed was too soft. My husband was up most of the night worrying about his pregnant wife asleep on the floor haha. So anyways the reason I was so anxious at my 35 week appointment was I was thinking how can I go on this much longer!? Now at my 36 week appointment I told my doctor I felt great, I am getting things done around the house, and with the kids and I know that in just a short time we will meet the little guy. But as of this week(next week could change...) I am content in waiting.

I get asked daily now, no longer weekly, what day I am due. Then a look of horror sweeps their face when I say I have a month left. WOW you look full term. Dare I remind each and everyone of those sweet souls that full term is 37 to 42 weeks. YES I could get larger.
The doctor said baby sounds great, and is growing great. He still measures about 1 to 2.5 weeks big every time I am in, I am not concerned and neither is the doctor. She may talk about enduceing me a little early if I wish. At this point no, but then to me then! We have washed his clothing, packed all our bags including his diaper bag. We still need a few things, but I am in no rush for certain things. We even made gift bags for the labor nurses. Thank you pinterest, my life would be so unorganized without you.

My only goal this next month...take it easy. Enjoy some one on one time with the girls and stay up on laundry and dishes. Other than that it can all wait. I plan on recreating one of the girls favorite fancy nancy books a day at the spa. This will take some effort but well worth it. I want to surprise them when they wake up to a day at the spa, treats, drinks, marble foot baths, face treatments, manicures, and pedicures. Plus our oldest little lady will be turning 9 in a couple weeks. Did I just say I was taking it easy in February...I may not have time!
Our countdown is now less than 30 days.....OH HAPPY DAY

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