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Friday, February 8, 2013

37 weeks here we go!!!

Ok to be honest I am ready for the next phase of life. I believe last time I wrote I was quite content, was that just a week ago? Yikes. Im over that now thanks. People cannot talk about anything else besides how large my belly is, how I wont make it full term and heaven help me if I do, how large my ankles have gotten, wow its all baby? Really After you look me over head to toe and comment how large the baby is I totally believe you. Sarcasm has hit an all time high over here at our house. I get the "sure you aint havin twins" comment at LEAST 3 times a week. Sometimes all in one day. Love how random strangers offer advice. When its a dear friend, of course I love to laugh at how forward and large this baby boy of mine is, yet when its a complete stranger it just rakes the nerves.

I am ready to hold this sweet sweet baby, and begin our life together. This next week is so busy, if he could hold off a little, that would be great. Will he? I think so:) The doctor said I am a one dilated. And he has for sure dropped. But that could still stretch out over time really. She is concerned that he is large also, but the c section talk is not an option for me unless absolutely necessary. They are off so many times. My gut feeling says they are not off:) I can feel that feeling of I am 40 weeks...and I am only 37.

As for our busy week....Husband will be training someone who is flying in to personally see him, no pressure baby boy(stay put til Wednesday) then Thursday is Valentines, kind of a girly birthday to have, then we celebrate our oldest princess's birthday. So any day after that works great HA.

-Tired, swollen, over the nesting stage, and so ready. Come quickly my little man!

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