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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our birth story

Time is absolutely flying these days. I know if I do not get his birth story recorded it will start to slip my memory!
The week before he was born I had a doctor appointment, I was 38 weeks feeling huge and like I could go into labor any moment. You get that feeling and I was having it. The doctor said I was a 2.5 dilated and I was 40% effaced. No big deal, I could go for weeks on that. He was pretty positive he would see me over the weekend. This was also an old doctor of mine, my current doctor was out of town. So to help this baby along I hit the stair climb at the gym, we walked, the girls even had me jogging haha. All the wives tales (minus a few) we did! My labor started Friday the day after my appointment. It hit hard and we waited patiently until my contractions were 5 minutes apart and one minute long. We had my mom come over, we head to the hospital and they hooked me up, said yes your in labor lets have you walk the halls for an hour and see if we can get you further dilated. I started walking and they stopped. WHAT!? I was heart broken. So for the next week it seemed like my minutes dragged, I had my hopes up so high I was so anxious to see him.
That next Tuesday we had an ultra sound because all along I measured 3 weeks big. I do not take those measurements seriously because they are normally off. BUT I had a feeling so I said yes to the ultrasound. As we all know the ultrasounds are off all the time also. But I was ok with them checking water levels and all that. The tech kept saying "oh my" and "wow" he sure will be big! We laughed about it, and went home. The next day Wednesday, we went to the doctor. She knew all along we were planning a natural birth. The only reason we were doing a hospital is because of my history and wanted to be safe just in case. She said I am all for helping you deliver what the ultrasound said would be a 10 lb 13 oz baby. Fat squishes, your pelvic births are proven and that would be fine. She said but his bone measurements are off the charts. She said she never insists on a c-section due to weight because they can be off but it is very rare that bone measurments are off. His shoulders measured larger than his head as well as a very large chest and abdomen. She told us the horrifying risks of attempting a vaginal birth.The most unexpected statement followed. She said she really felt c-section was the best option. First off I am terrified of needles, or any sort of thing that would involve surgery. It was the complete opposite of what we wanted.
She left the room so we could talk. I bawled my eyes out. My husband  held my hand and we prayed. We knew it did not make sense to us, and we wanted to trust God for this and not some ultrasound or doctors opinion. We felt like my body has been telling us all along this was the route we were going to have to take. We told the doctor and at 3:30 we got the call to come in the next morning. I quickly went home, still crying off and on. Started researching everything I could, and trying to mentally prepare myself.
We went to the hospital the next morning, I could not stop shaking I was scared to death. So many women love their experience. It was the unexpected for me and I was shaking in my boots haha. Only thing keeping me sane was picturing my sweet baby I would soon meet.
The procedure was quick. About the time they let my husband in the room, I started heaving or trying to since my arms are tied down and the rest of me was numb. Few seconds later we hear "he has lots of hair" then his sweet cry. The hardest part for me was the distant feeling of a c section versus having a vaginal birth where they plop your messy baby on your chest and you get to cuddle. They took him straight to the table checked him out, let daddy hold him, and I cried, lots of crying. I saw him from a distance, then my husband flashed him at me I got a kiss then they took him to the nursery to weigh and all of that.
He was such a chunk, he was more than I dreamed of. We were in love. About 30 minutes later I was able to hold him and feed him and our bonding began. Since the hospital has a ban right now with no visitors because of flu season, my husband and I spent every second alone with him for the next 3 days. It was a great experience to heal, and recover while bonding with our little guy.
Recovery has been hard, but he is doing amazing and that is what matters! He fits right into our family. He truly came at God's perfect timing and he is every thing I prayed for and more. Im in love!

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