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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kallen is 1 Month!

           This has been such a happy month in our life. We truly have been cherishing the moments! Maybe its being older, or that it is our third and we know how quick they grow up( oldest just turned 9...seriously???) but there is such a peace and happiness. I am not dealing with that typical tiredness. The kind that makes you think life will never go on. He is such a sweet baby. He gets up about every 3 hours at night, eats, poops and is back to sleep. We have not had one moment of crying for no reason as of yet. Even if we did, we would rock and cuddle and know it is for a season!

My favorite, his bird face. He is a hungry boy!

           This past month he has already started new things. His tummy time he already lifts his head to roll it over, he pushes himself up, and gives us some happy eyes. We call them happy eyes since he does not smile all the time. He gets these joyful set of eyes on us and we just love it. Every night we gather in our pajamas and do some reading and he loves to lay there and look at us. The girls talk with him and it is a special time! They have adjusted very well. We have a few moments of frustration with Ava, she was the baby for 5 years. So I have had to talk with her and let her know each of them is a blessing and special. I have to make sure and do one on one moments through out the day, or include her in the things I am doing. I feel like we have fallen into somewhat of a routine and that makes it nice. He naps through out the day and is up for about 2 hours at a time 3 to 4 times a day.
The stork dropped off our baby boy! 
           He has had no troubles catching on to eating! His one month appointment is next week and I am anxious to see how much he has gained. He was 9lbs 4 oz and dropped one pound within 2 days so they were concerned with weight gain and we had to go in every few days to make sure he was gaining. I had to chuckle because even at his 8lbs 4 oz he was much heftier than the girls were. I was not worried HA. He went straight to 3 month clothing. He is very long and wide so new born things do not go past his elbows.
We spent a lot of quiet family time with him the firsst 2 weeks. It was such a pleasure. We slowly started making our way back to things, and even now he is only 4 weeks so we still take it easy and choose few activities. We cannot believe just how quickly time is going and we are looking forward to watching this little guy grow and grow! WE are sooo IN LOVE!

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