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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hectic Friday with a little laughing

         It is usually a wonderful day that runs smoothly that causes me to sit down and quickly write those memories out. So I can look back and remember how cute, wonderful, adorable, and fun my family is. Is that realistic? Not at all! HAHA they are all of those things and more....but our days are far from perfect. In reality it is the days that make me want to cry, that cause others to laugh. Those are the days that I will most likely be retelling my children when they are parents that "This too shall pass."

            Last Friday my husband left at 5 am to go hunting. I could not fall asleep after he left, so I fed the baby, and laid there. Seven A.M. came quickly right as I was thinking of shutting my eyes again...Ava walks into my room and says "momma...I have poop on my hands." WHAT. Excuse me? " I have poop on my hands, and I think I peed my pants." Apparently the dog had an accident..which is rare very rare, the girls must have slipped him food. Well of all places to poop, he picked Ava's bed. I was mortified. I am not at all an animal person anyways, I tolerate the dog because he is an absolute joy for the kids. Dana quickly came to the rescue and said she would clean it all up, throw it all in the washer  (did I mention I love having an older child these days?) Ok back to I think I peed my pants. " Why do you think you peed your pants Ava?" Why do I even ask...I throw her in the shower and the laundry is all started. Kallen begins to wake up, he starts doing his little man grunting, and loads his little diaper. I go to change him and he is out of diapers. SERIOUSLY. My day....

         About this time my husband calls to check on me. I have some not so nice words to say about HIS dog and him pooping on my babies bedding. He feels awful of all mornings to be gone. I get Ava out of the shower quickly so we can run to Target to get diapers. Dana says "mom please may I get in the shower?" I say ok hurry! So I found one last diaper, changed Kallen and Dana finishes and says "mom, I have no underwear."SERIOUSLY. "yea I have been throwing the too small ones away and now I have none." "For crying out loud throw some leggings on, lets go." We got in the car and I was biting my lip trying not to cry I felt frantic, we were about to wander on into Target and hope no one saw us in our sweath shirts, and crazy hair. No one had even eaten, Kallen was fussy and all of a sudden I bust up laughing. Really there was nothing else to do. This was all before 8am. Dana starts laughing. We decide today will be a good day. I call my mom and she laughs so hard she can't breath. I start laughing again, this time with tears.

          It was a rather hectic day. We all got what we needed at the store, bought new bedding, bleached, scrubbed, and changed all that needed changed. Then we went outside and played. I am so glad I chose to laugh than to have a sour attitude about the whole situation. Because I do have those days. But with me choosing a better attitude the kids benefited and we truly enjoyed the rest of our day. It is these days I will remember, and hopefully cause others to laugh right alone with us.

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