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Friday, July 5, 2013

Kallen is 4 months

            Kallen is now 4.5 months old. I can hardly believe it. I will say this every day most likely because time is going way too fast. This past month I felt the "shift" from newborn to baby. He can not barely eat because he is so distracted by the world around him and realizing there are more people in his world than him and mom. His brown hair all fell out, he was bald for about a week and now it is coming in bleach blonde with a vengeance. It covers his whole head and I could not be more thrilled. He also has blue eyes officially, they get lighter as time goes on. His little hands are not little, they are paws, his back is wide, his forehead is large, and his feet are nick named pavement pounders. He is everything I have dreamed of in a little man baby. But every time I look in his eyes I am reminded " that for this child I prayed" Truly I did, I never asked for his eyes to be blue because I just desperately wanted God to bless me with another baby. I did not care what eye color, but my heart desired at least one baby to have eyes like their daddy. God gave me that desire and I am reminded daily he cares about the small things.
           I have had a lot of alone time with him lately, and I am really wondering what in the world I did with my time with only one baby, I mean I can clean and it stays clean! WOW. The girls are having a blast so far this summer, but I am in baby season so I stay behind quite a bit with him, or try to tag along if I can. They went crabbing with their Daddy last week and came home so brown, tired, and excited. I love when they go make memories with him.
                 As time is quickly racing on we have been taking time off from distractions. Mostly media, we do this every summer. Because here in the land of summer only lasts 2 months, we try and get the most out of it. I try and limit my favorite forms of time wasters such as pinterest, reading blogs, and instagram to a minimum or save them for the evening. My husband and I were going out for dinner the other night with the kids and I told him "Hey babe, lets get WILD! Leave our phones on the counter and run!" He stared at me like I asked him to jump off a cliff, and hesitantly agreed with a few not so good reasons why this was a bad idea. I think he forgot the days of a home that stays at home. My kids were THRILLED. Apparently we spend our out to eat night on our phones mostly. More than we realized because they had so much fun we left our phones home a few more times, even when running errands. I read an article on how children have become handicap when it comes to playing outside and how crucial it is that they be able to entertain themselves outdoors. So I always push that with them, but have been trying to challenge myself back to that also HAHA.
Kallen is growing so quickly so it has been fun to set aside a few things for the summer and really watch him start to discover this world. I am like a kid in a candy store with him, I went and bought boy bandaids. Its the simple things that make me smile. I saw little shoes with fire engines on them and I think those may be next on my list. Its all the cheesy things that entertain me these days and I am loving every minute of it!

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