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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a Typical Week Looks Like Around Here

We are in full school mode here at our house. I feel like it has taken a few months to find our actual groove but I think we have found it. I am not a slave to my schedule, but I also try and stick to it somewhat so that the key things we need to do through out our week are accomplished. Here is how it works for my little busy bee's and I.

We were a part of a wonderful co-op through a local church. There were over 100 families that attended and we looked forward to it every Monday. This year my goal was to really focus on getting Ava help in certain areas she was struggling and I knew Monday needed to be free. So we dropped the co-op until next year. She is making wonderful progress now that I added the extra day in. She has many speech issues that we have all thought were cute for years, but when it comes to phonics it makes it very difficult for her to hear certain sounds she cannot yet make. She started speech therapy and is doing very well on it and is making progress towards reading. 

Sundays- Church, then we come home for family time. We try to do one project, and be done by the afternoon so we can relax.

Mondays- We call this our hard core school day. HA It usually consists of knowing we are going no where. Blasting some Christmas tunes and getting a huge start to our week. I spend extra time with Dana in her subjects that take more time like writing, and we get a few lessons done on Mondays rather than just one. For Ava we really work on her site reading right now and usually have time for art.

Tuesdays and Thursdays- they look the same. Like a tornado. But we love Tuesdays and Thursdays. Over the spring and summer I took a class at the gym that was in the mornings. I love it, I love the instructor, and my little groupie of friends I have made. My health is moving in the right direction and I was not sure what to do when Fall came and I would have to start up our T/TH PE co-op we take at the Y as well as this morning class. My husband helped me come up with a great plan that works. He takes Dana to work with him and she does her easier things there, and also learns how to answer phones, count inventory or just get a good hour of time with Daddy. Ava and Kallen go with me to the gym, Ava does little crafts in the nursery. We come home eat lunch and then head off to the gym again for their PE and swim class they take. We then come home and crash. But its great for us all.

Wednesdays and Fridays- are similar to Monday with the added time of me going to the gym in the afternoon. I try to make it 4 days a week for now. So we do a hefty amount of work in the morning, eat lunch, relax, read and then go to the gym. 

I have found that what made me feel frantic last year was not scheduling in some free time and making "craft, creative, or baking" time a priority in the week. 

Believe it or not we feel like we have more time this year to do things we love simply because we make time. I have a few rules for myself that I try to stick to.

No social media before 2pm(including instagram, pinterest, and blog reading)
No cleaning between the hours of 9 and 2. I do pick up or do dishes or small laundry, but I give those few hours to really focus on the kids and doing stuff they enjoy.
No crafts or sewing until Friday Afternoons and Saturdays. Now that I schedule those in I look forward to waiting to do them rather than getting upset and feeling frantic over only spending 5 minutes at a time on a project.
Make time for the gym. I was always inconsistent with this, and I don't worship my time there. I simply try to make it on those set days and I don't stress if I cannot.
Get up at 6 to start the day with devotions, cleaning, getting dressed. I must say this is a goal at the current moment. Because when Kallen decides to be up between 4 and 6, I sleep until he wakes me.
Bed time is reading or catching up with my husband. Sometimes I do get on pinterest and such, but I find it makes my mind have a hard time winding down. So if I get online before bed I usually read after.

Most of all we are not glued down to any one thing and we are really having fun this year. We made a switch in the curriculum we were using and Id love to write about that later. 
In case you were wondering where little Kallen fits into all this. He fits on my hip. HAHA He is so easy going. While we do things he plays, and when he naps we do the harder things. But really he fits right in, and if he has a fussy day, we drop what we are doing and the girls will read or do other non related school things.  

I hope other moms find encouragement in whatever they are doing and that it works for them. No life should feel hectic. If it feels hectic I would pray about it and see where you can weed things out. That was my husbands advice last year and I am so glad I listened.


  1. I love the rules you have for yourself. I need to do that!