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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sweet Kallen is 9 months

       How time flies! Last week Kallen turned 9 months. Each month seems to go by much too quickly. There is something about his precious little life that has changed many things in me. Each child of mine has really. And I sure enjoy the changes and new things that I learn about life, myself, and my family during this time. My girls are so sweet with him. I have never wanted to use them for "babysitting" but they rush over to help at the sound of his slightest whimper. He may be spoiled, but we don't think you can over love, or over hold your growing baby.

       He is a boy all the way. He growls. All. The. Time. 

      The noises make me laugh. I love that I am the only one he snuggles with. He growls at everyone else and plays rough. For mom...he rubs my face, gives kisses, and hums. Its really the greatest thing.

       I feel very care free with him, he just fits in wonderfully. It seems like all the worries of how will I do this all over again diminished very quickly. Most likely because I know that those days that are difficult, the nights of no sleep ( we have A LOT of those) will pass much too quickly.

We love you Moose.

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