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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tolbert Musings

It has been awhile since I have updated anyone of our little/big family things… say we are busy would be an understatement. We are truly busy doing things we love though, and boy do I feel like we are finally getting into the swing of things! PHEW

Here we are full swing into Fall! It truly is one of my favorite seasons. Mostly because I am a lover of all things "cozy". My family loves to gather in the living room as it gets dark, and we all pick a spot on the couch and read, or do puzzle games. We are almost 1 year free from using any sort of Netflix account and I am loving the results! My kids no longer ask and we are seeing their attitudes improve, and their love of learning soar! We now pick a movie day once or twice a month, and it is so fun for the girls and they look forward to it!

The girls are doing great, and I feel like they have grown up so much over the summer. Their maturity around the house, and even with their schooling is like a breath of fresh air (most days, lets be honest here, they are still kids HA). They both do well when I have consistency on my part. So once I really established a routine with them with chores, school, and all that they really just took off. They both started taking piano and are enjoying it! I love having them around to help with the boys, not because it takes a huge load off my shoulders which is does, but because we have so much fun laughing together, and they are old enough they get the humor of the silly things that Kallen does through out the day. Both of them are so much more relaxed with little Hudson, they feel like they had their practice with Kallen and now are little pros in the baby department.

Kallen is one busy little boy. I cannot tell you how many times I cried because he was so behind in walking compared to all of his friends around him. It should not have bothered me but it did. He really spent his first year of life sick with a cough and it really put him behind. Once we got him on an inhaler, and they stopped having us use the Nebulizer, we were able to see huge improvement in his breathing. He sleeps so much better, and he gets sick rarely ever now! He started walking right before he turned 17 months. He is now almost 20 months in a few days and he wears me out! He is a great big brother. He has adjusted to Hudson very well. He has shown a few moments of jealousy and we have worked with him and given him extra love, and then he is fine. He tries to throw balls at him, or pick him up….we have to constantly remind him that his best friend in the making is still little and not ready to play.

Hudson turned 2 months and is the sweetest little baby. I probably say that each time, but seriously he is a precious pie. He sleeps wonderfully at night, and does well during the day with a few naps, and a lot of awake time where he is happy and cooing at us. I love having the 2 little boys so close. I fell into a routine quicker than I was thinking I would. It is absolutely hectic at times, but it seems like each week gets easier and I am seeing how fun it will be to have them in the same stages through out life.

I find I am less stressed with each one. I was more nervous to take Ava(my loud crazy one) to the library than I am taking all 4. We go to the library twice a week, and run errands regularly. The first 2 weeks of Hudson coming home I cried because I was too nervous to go anywhere with all 4. I finally adopted the Nike saying "Just Do It" haha and got over it and realized, life has to go on. I strap Kallen in the stroller, and Hudson in his carseat and we just hit the town! As long as I stay organized and plan ahead well, we have pretty smooth days.

I plan to write a post about our school year soon. Somehow even with a brand new baby and a very active toddler, we are ROCKING our year so far! The house may look a hot mess most days, but my priorities for this year are savoring Hudson in his new born-ness, stopping everything to play ball/read/tickle/chase Kallen, read Ava classics/have tea and pretend with her, and have lots of one on one girl time with Dana as she is a growing little lady.

OH and my husband and I are enjoying date nights again. We have had a few now, we take Hudson with us, but we still try and make time to nurture our marriage. Enjoying this sweet season of life and all of its craziness!

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