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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Updated Pictures of the Littles-2015

If you would like to know how easy it was to get good photos of the boys. I want to start with this one. 
My husband bought me a camera for Mother's Day and I have had fun using it and learning to edit. Here are some updates pictures of my little people.

Dana is 11 finishing the 5th grade.
Ava is 7 finishing 1st grade.

Kallen is 2
Hudson is too close to 10 months.

Growing so quickly!

I must give credit to the natural beauty of Summers End Farm {most photo's were taken there}. It was too easy to have a perfect background.

Dana-11 Years Old

Kallen is 2 and every bit of boy he could be

Whenever I am sad I will look at this picture and laugh hysterically.

I love his little face. Hudson 9.5 months

The girls had fun posing for me while I learn to use different settings on the camera.

I snapped a few keepers.

New toys are fun, especially when they involve capturing precious memories. Thank you dear husband of mine.

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