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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

I have probably already said this over and over, but there is something so refreshing about January. I love that the business of the holidays has settled down and we are back in the school routine. Dana has had a lot of testing lately, and it is sad for her...but I love love love to help her study. You always hear about those parents that try and relive their childhood through their children, I always think that is sad. Until I find myself doing it! HAHA I suddenly enjoy all of those subjects that used to overwhelm me, well honestly I always loved school. Anyways, I have a blast helping her research new things, or study for her spelling or math tests. I love to see her improve. She is doing great in school, and really enjoys it. Today I helped with their once a month bake sale and she was so proud that I was there to help. I love this age of no shame!
Ava went and snuck off into Dana's classroom and hid under a desk, I had to take her out screaming. Unfortunately she does not realize that she is living the "good years" soon enough she will get to go to school! Too soon!
I have been trying to focus on the small things, and look forward to doing them. I was at a scary place last week mentally. I suddenly felt like I had nothing to look forward to, and it's hard to explain but even though in my mind I know that it is a blast watching my kids grow up and enjoying each and every stage, everything seems to just be at a standstill. I told Kraiger that it is weird for me to be out of the baby stage with both kids, I said eventually wether we have another baby or not, I WILL have to face this! I cannot just keep having kids so I can enjoy the baby stage! He said SURE we can! haha, yea right! I am sure many other mom's feel the same way! I have days where I think, wow this is a lot of work, and then other days...well yea most days are a feeling of emptiness in the nest. I know that God is healing my heart, I will get there eventually! Until then I will be looking forward to small things such as taking Ava back to swim class next week, and one of my favorite holidays coming up!

Now that I am a momma, I love Valentines Day! It doesn't seem to be about the spouse as much as it does the kids. We can go on a date anytime, we can give cards to each other anytime. But it is the girls that enjoy the cheesy stuff of Valentines Day, so I get such a joy out of decorating the house, and getting them cute little candies and I always make a fancy dinner that night for them and decorate the table with stuff and candles. Kraiger and I usually celebrate the weekend before, but really...we can do that anytime. I might be partially in love with Valentines Day due to the fact that once it passes, Dana's birthday is here as well as spring is near! I love Spring!
I snuck in a picture from the Summer, I couldn't help myself. I am so anxious for warmth!

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