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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What we have been up to

Last week the girls went to their grandparents house. I was hesitant yet excited. They left on a Sunday which was so weird going to church and not having them to look after. After church we went out to dinner and then walked the mall, then came home to our quiet house. The next morning we woke up and got to sit in the living room drinking coffee, reading our devotionals, and chatting. It was soooo weird to take our time getting ready for the day and it was so quiet! After we got over the quietness we went out did some errands and came home to do some cleaning. All very normal stuff, nothing too exciting but it was just so relaxing! Kraiger left that afternoon to do some things and I put candles on the table, and found a love song station on Pandora and made dinner! It was hilarious because I set the table all pretty and got all dressed up for a date at home, I realized we have NEVER done that, we always get a baby sitter and go out. We just kept laughing because we realized we never really sit at the dinner table and get to actually chat, let alone have time to talk face to face. Our house is usually so loud! We agreed it was a rare moment, we enjoyed it, but we enjoy the loudness more. Our time went by pretty fast, we went to get them early Wednesday morning, it took us about 5 hours to get there because of weather. We picked up the girls, and they chatted the whole way home about how much fun they had and how much they want to do it again. It was so fun to get that rare time with Kraiger and the girls also got a break from Mom and Dad. Grandma spoiled them rotten and I am so glad!

We have spent the rest of the week winding down from that long car ride. Kraiger worked a side job on Saturday, so I decide that I am going to conquer my to do list. First thing was to wash the car. It was sunny out, but still very cold. My neighbor Amanda suggested I go to the self wash place down the road. Here's the thing...I seem to forget she is superwoman and can do anything. She tells me how easy it is and she said something about skip the part "soapy brush" the kids were being loud so I kinda ignored that part.She said it only cost her $2.00. So I go get exact change for that and head off to the car comes the most humiliating 4 minutes ever.
I get there and there is a ton of cars, so we wait in line for awhile and I finally pull up into the thing. Maybe I am just dumb, but I thought there would be like one step to this whole ordeal. So people are in their cars behind me waiting impatiently and I am already nervous thinking about them watching me wash the pressure right. So I put my quarters in and turn the nob to soapy rinse, and I go to grab the brush all the way on the other side, I realize that is the wrong brush, so I walk back to put it up. I grab the other brush start washing and spraying and go to put it away in the wrong spot on the other side, long story short, brushes get tangled and I end up walking around my car like an idiot 2 times to get them untangled. Already looking like the wife who left her husband at home, I switch it to "soapy brush" the part I ignored Amanda about. I grab the brush and start soaping up my car, I get the car completely WHITE with soap, the soap I used before was just a spray, this was foam. All of a sudden when I go to grab the rinsing sprayer it shuts off. I started to panic and laugh all at the same time because I have a crowd watch me put the sprayer back and start digging in my car for more quarters, NONE! I found a 20.00 so I was around the corner and go to get another token, that will not work, I have to get 20 tokens if I put my money in there. I shyly ask the car behind me to roll down his window. ALREADY annoyed he did and I say, "um have you been here before" He says "yes" "okay so is there a change machine?" "NO why, ya need a dollar(rolls his eyes)" At this point I am almost in tears/ready to bust up laughing. I tell him No thank you I will just go home to rinse....totally picturing my white soapy car driving down the road like an idiot. He insisted and gave me the dollar and I told him how humiliating this was and apologized, he got out of his car and starts telling me to pay it forward and I'm listening to him and trying to rinse the car, yea that dollar did not last long, I still went home with a corner of soap on the car.
Never again will I try to do that one with out the husband

I then go to Fred Meyer, all I need is 4 things so I am still laughing at myself and not even paying much attention to anything, I go to checkout and see an open spot and start getting my things on the self check thing and this guy taps me and says excuse me, I was here, all of a sudden I notice he has all his food on there as well. How dumb am I?? I was so distracted my the kids I did not even notice that he must have stepped away for a second, so I start loading my things back into the cart, turn around and there is a line out the door of grouchy people giving me the look of death. So I walk to the end of the line and just start laughing at myself. What a day!

Apparently on my to do list I was going to conquer I should have added, grab brain before leaving!

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  1. Oh Hanna, I was ROLLING over here!!!..You have the best blog ever!!! This is the funniest story! You should post it in a note on Facebook...I love all your other blogs too!Thank you!!! :))))