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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laying Bricks OR Building Cathedrals?

           This morning my kids are at their Aunt and Uncle's house spending the night. It is so quiet in here, I grab my coffee and sit down to my devotional. Wouldn't you know it is about children haha. It was heart grabbing enough, I just had to share!!

            Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them Psalm 127:4,5

             It goes on to say that we all say we love children but then go on to complain. I kind of rolled my eyes thinking about last night and how bad the girls were fighting with each other, and Ava was constantly trying to irritate Dana, and then Dana irritate Ava, I wanted to scream. I was so happy when finally it was time to take them to their Aunt and Uncle's house. Maybe my nerves have been very short lately(I know they have) with my own stress. I am not quite moving on as quick as I had hoped for after the miscarriage, and sometimes it comes out on my little ones. Mostly with things like spending time with them. I notice that my thoughts are so consumed with my own feelings, that I try to stay busy with laundry, or other household things so that I can just let them play, rather than sitting down and enjoying them more.
The devotional goes on to say that Children are divinely places gifts, not accidents(yes I know this part) They are a privilege(ok so I take that part for granted way too much) They are on LOAN(not ours, they belong to God) with a DIVINE PURPOSE...Ok wow that hit hard. 
Following story illustrates this
           A man saw three men working with mortar and bricks. He went to the first man and said "what are you doing?" The man replies, "I am laying bricks." He went to the second man and asked him the same question and the worker said "I am building a wall" But the final bricklayer had a different answer: "I am building a cathedral"

         In the process of raising kids, is is very easy to feel like you are just laying bricks in reality you are building a cathedral, a child whom God has given you to train up and carry on in the next generation. There is NO GREATER privilege in life! -Dennis Rainey

I say all of the time that my children are not my own, they belong to God and it is important that I raise them the way he intended. Sometimes I need the reminder of my own saying. So glad that I have the 2 beautiful inside and out little girls that I do, and taking one day at a time with them is important. Each day this week I will make a goal of impacting their little world in one way or another. It might just be building a house with leggos with them, or sitting down for tea with all of Ava's animals(we did this last week, quite cute). Some way or another, I hope to make small impacts that will later on be very big impacts not in just their world, but those who are around them!

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