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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The best days of our life

           Spring break is here! Well for our family anyways! We went to Richland to visit with the grandparents and had a wonderful time. It was so nice to get away! The girls got to get overly spoiled, and we got to sit around and do nothing! I just love chatting with my insightful mother in law. It was such a beautiful drive over, and the girls were amazing the whole way! We looked at all the farms and as we went through the mountains we got to point out different things. We talked with them most of the way and really made some fun memories there!

     While I was there I got a chance to sit down and read. I am constantly reading but for the most part, it is always something that has to do with being a mom, or a wife. I always need encouragement-HAHA- and this time it was the Duggar's book. Go ahead and laugh....but I have gleaned so much from their book. I would never in my life picture us with that many kids, but to see inside their life and get organizing tips is great! I would like to share a few that we will begin next week!

Chore Packs
Clip a clear name tag holder to your child with different cards in it (in the order you want their chores done). As they get each one done they can flip it to the back and see what is next. Not just chores can go in this, but also things like come report to mom, I might even slip a random love note in there. Since Ava cannot read I will use pictures for hers.
         I work better with structure, and so do my girls, so rather than me getting frustrated I loved this idea!
I slso loved their idea of reading one different proverbs a day to their children, for some reason I never realized that there are 31 psalms, so you can pick one a day depending on the day to read( March 24th read prov 24). We read a child's devotional with them before bed, but it would be great to incorporate proverbs and in a year, I guarantee they will almost be able to quote it!

         On the drive home Kraiger and I did a lot of talking and we both agreed that we truly are living in the best days of our lives! We may have spent most of it whining but after a very rich weekend of AMT meetings(apostolic ministry training) we were just touched. My heart feels so content. To the world it may not look like we have much but we have all we need. These precious moments with our girls, the time we have with each other is priceless. We know that God is doing some heart shaping and we both agreed that if we were to miss out on this may never come again.
           So as the week is too quickly coming to a close, I will be sitting down tomorrow and trying to get ahead for the week to come. Making my menu, grocery list,homeschool plan, writing down our weekly goals....and trying to stay calm in all of that!
Tonight Kraiger talked in our Life Group about how we should be laboring for God's kingdom rather than sitting back and just getting "paid by the hour" it motivated me. I totally agree, so tonight is a night to reflect and think, tomorrow is a day to get ready to home...and in the Kingdom!

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